Role and position of women in GCF funded projects

Realizing the power of participation on decision making, the identified activities is to support the work of Country Monitor in liasing, influencing and advocating for gender financing to Women Activists Organisations, Grass root organisation, Ministry and the legislators while influencing and mobilizing the network of National Gender and Environmental Justice Organisation to take part in the discussion, tapping on grassroots funding and sharing the information from Global to grass roots at the National Level. This is with an understanding of complexity and challenges on issues relating to  financing systems and structures given its newness yet relevancy and importance to the current development era in Tanzania.

Women Action Towards Economic Development convened a symposium which brought together government officials, CSO working on Women Rights and Environmental Justice to discuss the participation of women of Gender Financing for Climate Change project. The discussion focused on the role and position of women in GCF funded projects, and the need of establishing partnership between the government and CSO working on women and environmental Justice to address these issues. 

This meeting was made possible through support and partnership with BothEnds and GAGGA 

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