Post Gagga Mid Term Review

Looking back to three weeks and few days when WATED was up and running to host the meeting which brought together Environmental Justice and women´s rights activitists, funders and grassroots organizations. These dynamic and inspiring individuals traveled from Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa.
The experiences shared, lessons learnt and contacts exchanged will certainly continue to bring a great impact to the work of everyone at their organizational level and collectively. Having a firsthand opportunity to interact and learn from these professionals is a plus to our organization and to the work we are embarking to take.
GAGGA’s Theory for Change and the web of networks proves the power and strength in collaboration and network not within a region but across countries.

Indeed, the light moment during dinner and tea breaks and during group discussions has left behind a refreshing memory to our work and the TRUST you bestowed to us to host this august gathering.
We are looking forward to continuing our collaborations and lasting partnership.

Asante sana/Thank you very much
Eym Maria – WATED Strategist and Legal Secretary

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