How to Donate

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WATED welcomes Donations from various organisations, Agencies and Individual so that the fund is used to address problems facing women in Tanzania.Such problems include, entrepreneurship information, mentorship on starting business programs, Advocacy on Health issues, Employment and Legal matters. You can donate by using one of the following ways.Using Bank Account Number(s):

0390010368911 DOLLAR ACCOUNT
03500110368911 TZ SHILLING ACCOUNT


Bank Name: Womens Bank, Mkwepu Street, Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Become a Monthly Sponsor

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When you become a sponsor by giving monthly to WATED, you make it possible for us to reach out to women in a sustainable way and provide them services that bring future filled with hope.

A convenient aspect of the monthly sponsorship program is that there are different levels of giving, so that you can choose the level that is right for you, with the knowledge that your donations are making a significant difference to the needy person.

Volunteering Application Form